Seven Signs of Eye Fatigue

Seven Signs of Eye Fatigue
Eye fatigue can be problematic for people whose work requires them to stare at a prolonged periods of time.Find out what it is and what you can do about it.

When you use your eyes too much, it can take a toll on your vision and overall eye health. Eye strain can make a wonderful day at work become a nightmare because of the problems that you experience for hours on end. Many people who experience eye fatigue have reported how it has affected their efficiency and work productivity. The best thing to do is to call your Arizona eye doctor to have your eye checked before it gets worse.

Despite being a common occurrence, eye fatigue can be seriously distracting, not to mention debilitating. Some people do not even realize they have eye strain just from the pain and other problems that they are experiencing.

Seven Signs of Eye Fatigue

Will a person be able to tell whether he has eye fatigue? The answer is a resounding yes. However, you can experience a lot when you have eye strain. Here are the most common symptoms.

  1. Tired, sore, burning, or itching eyes
  2. Watery or dry eyes
  3. Blurry or double vision
  4. Headaches
  5. Pain and soreness in the neck, shoulder, or back
  6. Increased sensitivity to light
  7. Difficulty focusing on subjects

What Causes Eye Fatigue

Asthenopia, which is the scientific term for eye strain, can be caused by tasks that visually intense and requires more work from the eyes than usual. This includes the following activities:

  • Using the computer for several hours without rest
  • Forcing the eyes to see in the dark
  • Reading fine print
  • Watching a movie, playing mobile games, or reading a book inside a vehicle
  • Exposure to extreme glare
  • Underlying eye condition or a refractive error that has not been treated yet

Are You at Risk for Eye Strain?

Despite the fact that anybody has a chance of experiencing eye fatigue, there are some who are prone to to suffering from a chronic eye strain. This includes people who work for long hours staring at the computer screen or TV monitors.

How to Relieve Eye Strain

The best way to relieve yourself from eye fatigue is by relaxing your eye muscles. Close your eyes for about twenty seconds and continue on with work or whatever it is you are doing. You can also research about eye exercises and massages that can help relieve eye strain. Blinking often and wearing sunglasses when going out can help your eyes cope from fatigue.

While working at your PC, increasing the screen resolution or reducing the screen’s brightness to a level that is much more comfortable to you can be of significant help. Every 20 or 30 minutes, you may opt to look at a different direction, walk around the room, or stretch your arms, legs, neck, back, and shoulders.

If one of the symptoms of your eye fatigue is dryness in the eyes, purchasing an OTC eye drop and using it when needed can help relieve your eyes.

Should You See an Arizona Eye Doctor

If you feel that your eyes are suffering more than usual and it is starting to bother you and affect your work and daily life, then it might be best to consult an Arizona Eye Doctor to determine the problem and provide you with a list of treatment options.

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