Treatment for the Intraocular Melanoma Dilemma

 March 15, 2022

How frequently do you hear about people getting eye cancer? Well, sore eyes and broken blood vessels at the back […]...

Take action towards your vision: Treating retinal detachment

 March 1, 2022

Being alert to the signs of impaired vision is easy to brush aside. The expression “stare death in the eye”, […]...

How Can You Avoid Microorganisms That Affect Your Eyes?

 February 15, 2022

Our eyes are constantly protected by the continuous flow of tears containing antibacterial compounds. However, this does not ensure absolute […]...

Eye Freckles: Should I Worry About Them?

 February 1, 2022

Freckles in the face have exploded into a beauty trend, but should the same hype apply to freckles appearing in […]...

How your appetite can disrupt your sight?

 January 15, 2022

As a kid, you were probably tricked or forced to shove in broccolis in your mouth. No offense to parents, […]...

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