Preparations Before Cataract Surgery

Preparations Before Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a common eye problem wherein the eyes’ clear lens turn cloudy due to protein build up. It is not painful but it results to total loss of vision. While there are arguments whether Cataract can be prevented or not, there are known ways to help reduce the risk or slow down the progress of this eye condition. A few of the reasons why this vision-related problem arises are trauma to the eye, birth defects, certain medications and natural changes in the eyes because of age.

Before the procedure, you have to prepare yourself for thorough eye examination to measure the size of your lens. It may be consist of a series of examination that will enable your eye doctor to identify which type of lens implant is appropriate for you.

If you are taking some medications, your eye doctor may ask you to stop it temporarily because they may increase the chances of bleeding during the surgery. It is also essential that you do not drink any type of alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to the operation.

Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the operation. Also, do not wear any cosmetics and wear non-slip shoes.

One to two days before the procedure, you may be prescribed to use antibiotic eyedrops as this may lessen the risk to infection. Likewise, you may be advised not to take any or food or drink 12 hours prior to the cataract surgery.

In case you become sick a few days or right on the day of the surgery, call the office of your surgeon. Do the same if you notice the presence of discharge or redness in your eyes, and if you come in contact with an individual who carry infectious disease.

Buy wrap-around sunglasses so you can wear it as you go home.

Like most people who undergo medical process, you will not be able to drive your car so you need someone who will drive you from home to the treatment center vice versa. You may not be able to do some activities so ask a friend or loved one to assist you until you are fully recovered.

Prepare a roll of non-allergenic medical tape (half-inch wide) to fasten the eye shield that was placed in your eye after the procedure.

Your doctor may prescribe you with pain reliever so you can take it in case of discomfort. If he does not, ask him about this. You will rather be ready than get anxious because you suddenly feel pain.

You may need to bring some things on the day of the operation. Gather them inside the bag that you will carry as you go to the surgeon’s office. For instance, take with you your insurance ID.  You may also ask the office if they accept check so you can just issue one in case you have a checking account.

For other pre-operative instructions, you may ask your eye specialist in Arizona. He can tell you all the details a few days before the expected date of cataract surgery.

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