Eye Exercises You Can Do At Home

More and more people have been needing to wear contact lenses and glasses in the last decade or so. This can probably be attributed to increased use of the computer both at work and at home. Also more TV watching and gaming. For opticians around the world, this is probably good news. However, for the rest of the people, this is not exactly the best news in the world.

Keep ‘em Healthy

Just like all the other muscles in our body, eyes need to exercise regularly. The thing is most people think that eyes just give out eventually. Others feel that contact lenses and glasses are simply inevitable. For those who exercise their eyes regularly, this is not necessarily the case. Plus, if you begin to wear contact lenses or glasses, you might end up with worse eye health than you started with. You can be sure that people who wear regular contacts and glasses will tell you that eventually, their eyes have gotten worse rather than better.

To save yourself from deteriorating eyesight, here are five exercises that improve your vision by strengthening the muscles in your eyes.

Focus Far and Near

You can do this one any place. To focus far and near sit or stand comfortably and focus on your thumb out about a foot away from you. From your thumb, focus on something far away about twenty feet. With every breath, focus on the far object then focus on your thumb. This helps your eyes switch focus and creates more flexible eye muscles.

The Number 8 Exercise

Increase eye flexibility and muscles with this particular exercise. Imagine ten feet in front of you is a giant figure eight. Now make it lie down on one side and follow the shape slowly with your eyes. Go from left to right then from right to left for a few moments. You will soon feel the difference in how your eyes feel after you get accustomed to doing this exercise on a daily basis.

Palm for Stress Relief

There is a way to relieve your eyes of stress and it is called eye palming. This exercise is particularly useful for when you take a break from the computer.

Before you start, take a few deep breaths and sit in a comfortable, relaxed position. Cover each eye with each of your palm with the heel of your palm on each eye and your fingers resting on your forehead. Make sure you can freely blink and don’t press too hard on your eyes.  You will soon find your eyes are more relaxed after palming.

Blink Often

When you blink, you are able to focus longer and keep your eyes fresh. Yet, most people tend to overlook blinking as an exercise. Television watching as well as people working at a computer, don’t blink as often, particularly when they focus intently on a particular thing. You will understand what this means when you begin to blink every five seconds. Once you have done this for a couple of minutes, you will usually feel that your eyes are more relaxed and are less tired and strained. When you do the opposite and hardly blink, you will feel that your eyes are more strained and much less relaxed. Your eyes stay fresh when you blink due to the brief period of darkness. Eye strain is also reduced by frequent blinking.

These do-anywhere exercises are a must for healthy eyes at any age!

Watch these Eye Exercises


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