What are Bad for Your Eyes?

The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Moreover, we could spend all day noting the important values the eye holds to human beings. The fact that you can read this text, is important in itself, as it means you are using your eyes, and your eyes are functioning.

To have healthy vision, and to avoid diseases and impairment of the eye, we are sharing some factors that are deemed bad for your eyes.


Smoking has been a source of many diseases and illnesses for the lungs. But, it’s not only the lungs that can be affected by this habit.

The eyes are just as affected by smoking as well.

Cgarette smoke contains a number of harmful and very toxic chemicals. Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide are just two of these harmful and “unfriendly” chemicals.

In fact, according to some studies, there are more than 125 million Americans exposed to secondhand smoke and that doubles the risk of developing AMD. AMD or (Age-related macular Degeneration) is the leading cause of vision loss as humans age.

Statistics also show that smokers double the risk of developing Cataracts. A Cataract is a condition where the lens of the eyes are clouded and blurred. Also, smokers are more than two times likely to develop Uveitis than non-smokers. Uveitis is the inflammation of the Uvea or middle layer of the eye.


As we do our everyday activities such as work, play and house chores, this also means we put our eyes at risk of contact with items involved in these activities.

Moreover, there are situations that these items get stuck or lodged in our eyes, that make it very dangerous to remove and will need an eye doctor to help us relieve of the pain and the danger of trapped particles.

Some of these particles are things that we see, use or encounter in our everyday lives. These can be hair, soil, pointed items such as the tip of the pen or a knife, or when we cut our nails and the “debris” flies into our eyes. These are actually damaging when lodged in our eyes for a long time. Visit your doctor immediately to remove these items and do not attempt to remove it with your own fingers.


The UV Rays, or Ultraviolet Rays are harmful to the eyes. These are not seen by the naked eye, but it does not diminish its harmful effects when there is prolonged exposure.

It is advised that you use sunglasses, most especially, the frames with the wraparound design, to protect your eyes from these UV harmful rays.


When you use the screens of your devices such as television, laptops and PCs, you tend to look at your screens for long periods of time.

This will cause strain and fatigue to the muscles of your eyes. Also, whenever there is prolonged staring at the screens of your devices, it can also cause dry eyes because of the evaporation of the eye fluid.


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