Three Recent News on Eye Health That You Should Know About

Knowing is half the battle, so arm yourself with knowledge and update yourself with five recent developments on eye health so you can take care of them better.Three Recent News on Eye Health That You Should Know About

While the best way to protect your eyes is by prevention and regular appointments with your eye doctor, it is also essential that you arm yourself with knowledge. Broaden your awareness of eye health news and developments by reading these recent developments on eye research.

1. The Risk for Glaucoma May Increase for Those on “The Pill”

There is a recent study that links glaucoma to women who have been taking oral contraceptives for over three years. According to the study, users of “The Pill” are more likely to get glaucoma than those who don’t. Further research though is needed, because they are not certain if the increase risk for the development of specific eye disease can be directly attributed to the drugs.

Until more legitimate information and compelling scientific evidence has been gathered, women are free to use these contraceptives but at their own risk. There have been previous studies in that have linked estrogen to the development of glaucoma, but the connection between estrogen and birth control pills when it comes to higher risk for glaucoma has yet to be established.

2. Eyeball Jewelry May Not Be a Good Idea, at Least Not Yet

If you haven’t heard, there’s a trend that was popularized in Europe and has now reached American shores. An eyeball jewelry is literally what it is, you place something shiny and cute in your eyeball. Yes, inside your eyeball. You can read this article from Huffington Post about a brave, young girl who had the cosmetic surgery in New York.

But readers beware, as according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the safety of this procedure has yet to be proven or backed up with sufficient evidence. You can end up with severe ocular infection, conjunctivitis, and other undesirable eye conditions. So before you go on trying this new eye trend, always keep in mind that there are plenty of risks involved when undergoing any medical procedure, even for cosmetic purposes.

3. Air Pollution Might Be Causing Dry Eyes

If you’re residing in one of the major American cities, then being exposed to air pollution might be an everyday phenomenon for you. While it is definitely a problem that has yet to be dealt with, there is an accompanying bad news to it. A recent finding has connected air pollution to the development of dry eyes.

In the study, people who are frequently exposed to the dirty air in big, urban areas such as New York and Chicago are three to four times more susceptible to getting the troublesome eye syndrome. Dry eyes not only affect a person’s productivity, but also the quality of his or her life, with excessive tearing as well as a burning sensation in the eyes.

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