Six Essential Eye Care Tips for Summer

Six Essential Eye Care Tips for SummerThe summer months are one of the most favored seasons because it’s the time to go out and do outdoor activities and have fun. However, warm periods can also be taxing and grueling for some since the heat and humidity may take their toll on the eyes.

However, though going out in the summer heat may prove precarious for your eyes, there are different ways on which you can take care of your vision even with prolonged exposure outside, doing your outdoor activities. Here are six ways to do so:


  1. Know the sun’s peak times.

Lengthy exposure to sunlight can prove risky for your eyes. However, if you must go outside for outdoor activities and such, make sure to wear protection. This is particularly true during activities between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. This is the time when the sun is at its peak and the UV rays are the strongest.


  1. Wear protection.

A staple of every summer getaway is a wide-brimmed hat and/or sunglasses. More than fashion statements, these accessories also help in blocking out the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Wide-brimmed hats protect not just your eyes, but the skin too. Meanwhile, sunglasses can come in a variety of design and styles. Make sure that you wear wrap-around and oversized sunglasses for maximum protection. In addition, check if your eyewear has 100% UV shield. There are also sunglasses with polarized lenses that helps reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as mirrors and cars.


  1. Use appropriate eyewear.

Although sunglasses are a must in protecting the eyes during the summer months, knowing which type of sunglasses to use is also important. For example, if you are fond of outdoor sports, make sure that the sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses and not the glass ones. The plastic lenses are sturdy, so there is no danger of breaking even when accidents occur in outdoor activities.


  1. Shield eyes against elements even in water.

Most probably think that going underwater in a clear pool is tolerable for the eyesight. However, some pools have been treated with chemicals that can threaten your eyes. Make sure that you have goggles when swimming, and pick out swimming eyewear with UV protection lenses, since the harmful UV rays can reflect off the water, increasing the risk of exposure. If you wear contacts, make sure that you remove them before going for a dip.


  1. Don’t rub your eyes.

There may be cases where your eyes get irritated during summer. For example, sand may have gotten into your eyes, or it became itchy after you dove into the pool. However, avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible since this can make the irritation worse. Instead, take out sand and particles by keeping your eyes open while flushing them with clean water.


  1. Stay hydrated.

Not only will your body keep up with the outdoor activities, but drinking plenty of water also helps your eyes maintain moisture. It also helps in fighting dry eyes. Meanwhile, maintaining a healthy diet also helps in maintaining healthy eyesight.

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