Should You Choose LASIK Over Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses?

If you are one of those people who have been wearing prescription glasses and corrective lenses for the longest time, you might want to consider LASIK. This procedure is being offered by many respected Arizona ophthalmologists and offers a permanent solution to various vision problems.

Key Considerations

People who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism can schedule a consultation with an Arizona eye doctor to determine whether they are suitable candidates for the procedure.

Although the laser surgery has gotten safer and more effective in recent years, it may not be for everyone. According to Dr. Roberto Pineda of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, the average age of people who undergo LASIK is around 37 years. This is interesting because individuals can receive the treatment at 18 years of age. Many Arizona ophthalmologists as well as eye doctors in other states, however, would recommend that the patient should at least be 21 years old during the procedure.

LASIK is best performed on patients that are below 40 years old, in order to be more effective. Doctors usually require most older patients to still use reading glasses. If you want to get the most out of what you paid for, it would be best to get the surgery while you are in your twenties. Despite the recommendation, patients are still waiting a couple of years before getting the procedure, as LASIK per eye costs approximately $2,500. Those who are eligible for the procedure must have a vision prescription for at least twelve months, without any changes made to the prescription within the timeframe.

People with the following conditions are discouraged from getting LASIK:

  • dry eyes (moderate to severe)
  • abnormal corneas
  • extremely poor uncorrected vision
  • pregnancy
  • seasonal allergies (patients need to wait until the season is over)

How It Works

LASIK eye surgery is performed on a patient by using a surgical laser to reshape the cornea, which is a transparent layer that is located at the outermost part of the eye. By reshaping an individual’s cornea, the light rays are refracted by the lens in a way that brings it closer to the retina. This provides the patient with a clearer vision.

LASIK Will Help You Save Money…in the Long Run

When people hear of LASIK, they mostly associate it with the following:

  • painless procedure
  • permanent fix to a vision problem
  • expensive

For those who will be having difficulties paying an upfront fee, they might feel that LASIK is not for them. However, there are many Arizona ophthalmologists that offer a flexible payment scheme for their patients with a limited budget.

If you are a frequent wearer of contact lenses, then you will most definitely save more money if you invest in a LASIK procedure. The average cost of contact lenses (at a conservative price) is around $240 annually, although it varies on the location. Those patients suffering from astigmatism and want those special type of contact lenses might even pay more. However this $240-a-year cost will grow to more or less $4,500 in twenty years, assuming prices remain the same and there is no inflation.

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