September is Sports Eye Safety Month


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September is Sports Eye Safety Month. Of course, protecting your eyes should be a priority every month of the year not just in your life day to day but also while playing an athletic sport.  From one day to the next, eyes are vulnerable to physical damage being one of the most delicate parts of the human body. What more when sports are concerned. Without a doubt, it represents a bigger risk to the eyes when sports are involved. Throughout the year, it is thus important to observe eye safety. Every September, Eye Safety Month addresses the safety and health of the eyes.


This September, it is time to bring awareness to the important of eye safety when playing sports. No matter what sports you are involved in, it is more likely than not that you overlook your eyesight’s safety. For this reason, knowing what equipment is available to increase eye protection will go a long way towards keeping your eyes safe no matter what sports you are involved in. This includes water sports such as sailing, scuba diving, kite boarding, canoeing, water skiing, jet skiing and the like. It also involves the importance of eye safety on land such as when doing motor sports such as off road trucking, motorcycling, biking and car racing. Traditional sports such as racquet sports and even individual sporting treks like camping and fishing should include equipment to protect your eyes. Doing this will prevent any possibilities of injuries from occurring to your eyesight and will save you from having to spend more for any possible damage that could potentially occur in the long run.

 Injuries from Sports

The right protective equipment can be used to protect your eyes when playing sports. Sports such as basketball, rugby, hockey or baseball bring with it higher risks of damage to the eyes not just from the other players but also from other players playing rough.  It is a good idea to invest in the right eye protection gear no matter what sports you happen to be involved in.

Polarized Glasses

One basic eye protective piece of equipment you can use is to find polarized sunglasses for daily. Whether you are doing sports or not, remembering basic protection will go a long way towards protecting your eyes. These types of sunglasses have lenses that have been polarized to filter out harsh light specifically. The result is that your eyes are protected from glare that might otherwise damage your eyes. Also recommended for sports that involve objects that move fast, polarized glasses can be used when playing sports such as badminton, tennis or racquetball.

Other Equipment

In most sports, equipment selection is an important aspect to eye safety. What most individuals forget is to include eyewear for protection as part of their regimen of sports safety. Mouth guards, protective pads and helmets are almost never forgotten. Frequently however, protective gear for the eyes tends to be overlooked.  Remembering to wear protective eye gear will result in you not having to go through preventable eye injuries year after year.

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