Prioritizing Eye Care: May is Healthy Vision Month

Prioritizing Eye Care: May is Healthy Vision Month
It’s May and the perfect time to improve your eye care habits! Celebrate Healthy Vision Month by learning how you can maintain good eyesight and healthy vision.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the month of May, and one of them is healthy vision for everyone. It’s the perfect opportunity for individuals to learn more about maintaining good eyesight and how to properly take care of their eyes. Assigning May as the Healthy Vision Month is a move to encourage individuals to place more importance on their eye health and realize how crucial eye exams are in the detection and treatment of different eye diseases that are detrimental to their eyesight. Find out why Arizona ophthalmologists put a stress on eye care and what you can do in your own little way.

Quick Eye Fact:: Did you know that one American is rushed to the emergency room for a sports-related eye injury every 13 minutes?

Highlighting the Importance of Sight

Vision plays a monumental part in people’s day-to-day affairs. We rely on our sense of sight for almost everything we do. However, many individuals are taking it for granted without even knowing it. People become too engrossed with their daily activities that they forget to watch over their eye health. The sad part is that a healthy vision will not last forever, it degenerates over time. If they are not taken care of properly, the rate at which they get deteriorate accelerates. This is why the eyes must be protected at all times, and it would be best to have it regularly checked by any among Arizona ophthalmologists in your area.

The first step to caring for your vision is through protecting the eyes from possible injuries and diseases. It is important that every American is equipped with the right information that would allow him or her to recognize recognizing telltale signs of the most common eye conditions and diseases. So in recognition of Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute, under the National Institutes of Health, encourages American individuals and their families to rethink their priorities and out eye health on top of the list.

Taking Care of your Eye Health in Five Simple Ways

  1. Schedule a dilated eye exam. Many respected Arizona ophthalmologists offer dilated eye exams to their patients.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the most effective ways of avoiding eye diseases. Try to incorporate foods that are good for promote healthy vision into your daily diet. Avoid smoking, or at least minimize the number of times you smoke.
  3. One of the main risk factors for common eye problems is a person’s family history. If you know anybody in your family that has an eye condition, do not hesitate to visit any of the trusted Arizona ophthalmologists in your neighborhood for an eye exam.
  4. Use protective eyewear. If your occupation involves the handling of hazardous materials or exposure to dangerous situations where your eye health may be compromised, the ensure you are wearing protective equipment such as visors, shields, or helmets.
  5. Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can help shade your eyes from the sun, but they can also protect your eyes from other things.

By starting with these simple but highly effective eye care practices, you can increase the longevity of your eyesight and also maintain the quality of your vision.

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