Astigmatism Myths Debunked

 January 31, 2020

Astigmatism is one of the most common eye conditions afflicting people. It’s caused by a refractive error from an irregularly […]...

What is Computer Vision Syndrome

 January 27, 2020

The advancement of information technology, on top of the fast-paced innovation of various gadgets, has given rise to assorted complications […]...

Prevention Of Eye Strain In The Digital Age

 January 6, 2020

Undeniably, the age of globalization has improved the definition of comfort, ease, and convenience for our generation. The transition to […]...

How To Use Makeup Without Harming Your Eyes

 December 23, 2019

For thousands of years, people have been using makeup to enhance their unique and natural features. However, it’s only recently […]...

Glaucoma: A Common Disease That Can Cause Blindness

 December 3, 2019

From Claude Monet to Whoopi Goldberg, eye problems happen in people of all social statuses, backgrounds, and professions. It doesn’t […]...

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