An Honorary Doctorate Award was given to Dr. Gholam Peyman by the UNC

Last October 25, 2013 the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) presented Dr. Gholam Peyman with an award of Honorary Doctorate, recognizing his academic outstanding and undeniable scientific significance in the advancement of Ophthalmology.

The ceremony was held in Cordoba Argentina, where the ophthalmology chairman of UNC, Dr. Roque A. Maffrand himself, presented the award to Dr.Peyman. Before bestowing the honor, the director gave praise to the Doctor’s professionalism, stressing the wisdom and humility he saw in him, the exceptional nature of his achievements, and distinguishing the Doctor as the author who wrote and ignited the further advancement of Ophthalmology in all its branches. Dr. Maffrand said, “Those who have had the privilege of working with him have seen an incredible ability.” Dr. Peyman has been mentoring the faculty members of UNC.

After the presentation, Dr. Peyman gave an honorary speech about technology’s impact on Ophthalmology and prevention on blindness.  He discussed the ways how the technological growth of the last 40 years helped develop the practice of Ophthalmology to what it is today. He also highlighted the value of compassion towards their work as physicians, saying “we have no science, no medicine. An achievement should not be measured by the recognition that one gets, that may come later or never comes. That achievement should be measured by what it has done for your neighbor. That’s the most important thing.” Dr. Peyman actively participated and led the development of three renowned eye treatments which are, Intraocular Drug Administration, Vitreous Surgery, and LASIK.

The Honorary Doctorate recognition is another achievement to the many awards he’s earned from his long, successful years in the Ophthalmology field. In 2013 alone, Dr. Peyman was honored by other award giving bodies such as, being named by President Obama as one of the 12 eminent researcher recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation (February 2013), and the 2013 Innovation Health  Care Heroes Award from the Phoenix Business Journal (September 2013).

Dr. Gholman Peyman is currently the head Physician of the Arizona Retinal Specialist Center, together with Dr. Mandi Conway. There, he continues to serve with dedication, giving his special attention to whatever eye concern that needs his keen analysis. Dr. Peyman is cited by his patients as someone who takes their overall health into consideration when examining their eye disease. Dr. Peyman and the Arizona Retinal Specialist Center are known to be a reliable center of Ophthalmology excellence.

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