Eye Floaters: How Serious Are They?

One may be ‘seeing stars’ when knocked unconscious and see specks that may resemble stars. But if you are wide awake and there is a speck or flashes of light in your vision, they are called eye floaters. What are they and when are they serious?

They are that specks or spots that drift through your vision. A small eye floater can just be annoying though they do not really interfere with your sight. If it is large enough, it can cast a shadow over your line of sight, and that can be really distracting. They are called floaters because when you try to focus on them, they tend to move around. Possible shapes could be dots, line, and strands like thread, rings or cobwebs. They may get better as time passes, and rarely get worse to require a treatment.

What’s causing these floaters?

Vitreous, the clear gel filling the eye can change over time. When it pulls or rubs against the retina, it will cause these eye floaters. Retina is the layer of the eye containing cells that are light sensitive and trigger nerve impulses. The changes can happen at any age but can usually occur at the age of 50 to 75.

Is it a serious eye condition? When can you consider it as a medical emergency?

It should not be a cause for worry if you just notice them from time to time. Some are harmless and it can get better over time. However, for the sudden appearance of flashes of light and have vision loss, immediately seek medical attention. If more floaters are appearing or there seems to be a shower of them, have them checked already. These symptoms could mean that the vitreous gel is pulling on your retina. If a retina is torn or damaged, the vitreous gel can enter into the hole or tear which can push the retina out of its original position. At some point, this may need a surgery already and it will not be a guarantee that vision can be restored fully in an occurrence of vision loss. Other tell-tale signs of having serious eye floater conditions will be the existence of shadows in the peripheral vision and a dark curtain-like across your vision. Eye disorders that can be related with eye floaters will be bleeding in vitreous, inflamed retina and eye tumors.

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