Eye Diseases you should be aware of when wearing contact lenses


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Are you aware of the eye diseases that are related to wearing contact lenses? Each day, millions of people use contact lenses safely. However, no matter how much safety precautions are used when wearing these, there are risks of getting eye diseases nonetheless. Keratitis is one of the most common diseases connected to the use of contact lenses, for example. This is a cornea infection and can have different causes including microbes, fungus, bacteria and herpes. In cases that are more severe, this can lead to scarring of the cornea that causes vision impairment and can lead to needing a transplant of the cornea.

Needless to say, millions of contact lens users misuse them not properly cleaning them or wearing them too long. This can lead to eye infections that can cause something as severe as blindness and more often, inflammation.

Eye Infections

When harmful viruses, fungi or bacteria invade the surrounding area of the eyeball or the eyeball itself as these get trapped between the contact lens and the eyes, an eye infection is the result. This includes the eye’s front clear surface as well as the moist thin membrane lining the inner eyelids and the outer eye. Symptoms of an eye infection include blurry vision, itching, eye swelling as well as swelling in the surrounding area, swollen eyes, sensitivity to light, eyes that are dry, watery eyes, discharge coming out of the eye, pain and red eyes. At the first sign of eye infections, it is a good idea to remove your contact lenses immediately and see your optometrist as soon as you can. Delaying an appointment with the doctor to have your eyes checked may cause your eye infection to become aggravated.

Pink Eye

Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is the inflammation of the clear, thin covering of the whites of the eye as well as the conjunctiva, which is the inside of the eyelids. The conjunctiva contains blood vessels that are transparent that overlie the eye sclera. Contact lenses used improperly may cause dilation of these blood vessels in the conjunctiva causing bloodshot, red eyes. If left untreated, the bacteria causing the conjunctivitis may cause damage to the eye that will require serious treatment.


Also known as inflammation of the cornea, keratitis causes blurred vision, tearing and pain. There may be severe or mild pain and light sensitivity. Eyes may appear watery and red. There are many causes including chemical injury, physical injury, dry eyes, infection or wrong care of contact lens. A slit lamp confirms the keratitis diagnosis. Prompt and correct treatment will avoid permanent eye damages.

Keratitis is caused by bad habits of wearing contact lenses including failing to replace the solution for lenses often or even showering or swimming with contact lenses. Keratitis will be a disease you will suffer from twenty times greater if you wear your contact lens over night. When treated rapidly, however, this can be easily cured without any damages that last.


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