Cool Christmas Gift Ideas that Would Benefit the Eyes

It’s gift-giving season again! Instead of sticking to the usual gift ideas, why not go for something with specific health benefits, particularly for the eyes? We’ve rounded up a list of cool items that you can give your loved ones this Christmas. Although they aren’t exactly going to prevent a retinal tear or a macular hole, these are all either going to make the eyes look great or provide just the right amount of protection against dirt and natural elements.

UV Sunglasses

It’s the perfect item for sunny mornings and they help the eyes in two fascinating ways. First, they filter the light that passes through the lenses, especially if it’s too bright outside. Second, they protect the eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Shopping Considerations: There are various designs available, from outrageous animal prints and bright colors to the sophisticated black, blue, and brown colors that are a staple in almost any outfit. Sunglasses are wonderful gifts for both men and women because there is a constant need for these items.

Just make sure you consider the fashion style of the person you are going to give it to. He or she could either be into Ray-ban Aviators, Wayfarers, or round-framed glasses, so do some background research.

Eye Makeup

Whether it’s eyeliner for guys who like to rock it out with their bands, or just a make-up set for your gal pal, eye makeup is something worth looking into and investing for a relative or a friend. Not only do they beautify the eyes and makes the color of the eye pop out with the right shade, some eye makeups provide additional protection to the eyes as well as the skin around it.

Shopping Considerations: Make sure the makeup you buy is clinically tested. There are some products that offer more than just visual enhancement but contain ingredients that moisturizes and prevents or slows down the aging process. Types of eye makeup you can buy are eye shadow kits, eye liners, brow liners, mascaras, and even false eyelashes.

Sleep Mask

Now before you say anything else, this item has what it takes to be considered a legitimately acceptable gift. Everyone wants a long, peaceful sleep but there are times when just closing your eyes is not enough. Sleep masks being sold today have come a long way from being ordinary eye patches. They have become more artsy and more fashionable, with some combining style with comfort.

Shopping Considerations: People love soft and smooth fabrics in their bedroom, so as a sleeping accessory, choose sleep masks that are 100% cotton or silk, as they are delicate on the eyes and the skin. Go for darker colors so that only a small portion of light can pass through.

Other excellent gift ideas for the eyes include moisturizers, eye serums, and other beauty products. The eyes are important parts of the body and Christmas is a good opportunity to give your friends and loved ones gifts that would help take care of these special organs throughout the incoming year. Just don’t expect these items to prevent dry age-related macular degeneration or retinal detachment, that’s definitely an eye doctor’s job.

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