How to Care for Your Overworked Eyes

Are you a person who loves to read books for long hours? Are you an individual that uses the computer for most of the day? Do your eyes feel heavy and warm? If so, your eyes are overworked and could be suffering from eye strain. Nowadays, people work too much, they read a lot, they play a lot, they keep awake for more hours than sleep. This is because of the era we have, an era full of learning and knowledge that we tend overuse our eyes. We are in an era that people don’t realize how important it is to have rest.

Tired eyes may be harmless but the eyestrain for overworked eyes may lead to dry eyes which can make the eyes itchy and red, feeling pain in the eyes that will surely cause headaches. Some of the possible causes of eye strain is when a person reads a book in a dimly lit environment. The eyes tend to focus too much and eventually strain the muscles. Reading while inside a moving vehicle can also cause eye strain. Long hours in front of a computer monitor can also affect the eyes, making them painful.

Here are some tips on how to care for overworked eyes.

– When you are working with your eyes continually, take periodic breaks. For every hour of work you may want to rest your eyes for 5 minutes. The rest means you just have to look away from what you are doing to rest your eyes and prevent eye strain.

– Blinking a lot while on the job sounds funny but science says it’s beneficial. Blinking often can help your eyes gain moisture from long hours of extensive use.

– There are eyedrops that can be bought over the counter in most pharmacies which can help strained eyes. It helps soothe dry eyes as well as tired ones. A drop or two can add moisture back to your eyes.

There are also home remedies that can help overused eyes.

– Cucumber is an old-aged trick to sooth tired red eyes. This has been practiced for many years by millions of people all over the world. Slice a cucumber to make a circle and put it on top of both eyes to relieve strain.

– Put cold Tea Bags on top of the eyes. We all know that tea is a natural health remedy for different types of conditions of the body. For centuries tea is used for good health.

– Try to gently massage your eyes using your fingers. This will help sooth pain and discomfort. The muscles inside the eyes needs to relax with continuous hours of using them.

– A splash of cold water to the face can decrease eye strain due to overuse. The cold water cools the eyes quickly with a splash.

Now that you have learned some tips on how to care for your overused eyes, it is time to understand how vital our eyes are to a person’s life. If the eyes still has concerns even with the tips that you have read, it is better to have it checked because there might be a more serious problem than just eye strain due to overuse. As early as now, people should understand how important the eyes are. In this world we live in today, our eyes are the most important part of the body and we should take good care of it as early as now.


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