August 24 – 28 is Contact Lens Health Week

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On the twenty-fourth to the twenty-eighth of August in 2015, Contact Lens Health Week is celebrated. The CDC or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention along with the CLI and the AOA has established this week as a method of promoting healthy contact lens care and wear as well as to increase the awareness of the public about these issues. The campaign theme of the year is Healthy Habits Mean Healthy Eyes. There are three main areas in which the health messages of contact lenses are covered. This includes visiting an eye care provider regularly proper storage, care and use of supplies and contact lenses as well as healthy contact lens habits of hygiene.


CLI and AOA do encourages each optometrist this week to do promotions using the materials of CDC specifically created for the campaign. This includes having banners and buttons made, campaign posters, messages in social media, free printed tear off pads and posters and campaign promotion toolkits. Optometrists can also promote an article entitled Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that characterizes the risk population for complications related to wearing contact lenses as well as habits that are common and which could lead to infections of the eyes. During Healthy Vision Month in May as well as during Spring break, efforts of promoting contact lens health are also coordinated by the Center for Disease Control. It is also encouraged that healthy wearing of contact lenses are promoted throughout the entire year rather than just on specific days.

Starting Early

In order for healthier habits to begin early, the 2015 Contact Lens Health Week encourages contact lens wearers in the teen age years to start now. As school opens for teenagers and children of all ages, reinforcing the right wear and care for contact lenses will promote healthy eyes and vision throughout life and the school years. Optometrists do play a primary role in the encouragement of healthier habits among contact lens teenage wearers in their practice. It is also relevant for all-age contact lens wearers to hear the messages. After all, reinforcing how important it is to practice the right hygiene when it comes to contact lenses for all ages cannot be emphasized enough.

Proper Care

When cared for the right way, a pair of contact lenses is able to provide a convenient, comfortable method of living, playing and working for over thirty million people in the United States who use these. While usually, this type of eyewear is effective and safe in the form of correcting vision, these are not exactly free of risks, particularly if not properly cared for. These are actual medical devices and failure to store, clean or wear them the right way can elevate risks of microbial keratitis and other type of infections of the eyes. In order for each and every wearer of every age to reap contact lens wearing benefits, it is important to practice healthier habits. Keep in mind that healthy eyes are the result of healthier habits.


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