8 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Make-up

8 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Make-up

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Wearing make-up can help enhance your look, but if you’re not careful, using cosmetics can be harmful to your health and body. Aside from problems like clogged pores, allergic reactions, irritation, and pimple breakouts, make-up can also potentially cause damage to your eyes. Here are eight ways to help you keep your lashes curled, eyebrows on fleek, and your eyelids shimmered without compromising on your eye health.

1. Toss any expired eye make-up.

Just like most goods and commodities, make-up has an expiration date, and you shouldn’t use them when they’re past that point. Using expired or old cosmetics can pave way for bacteria build-up to get in contact with your eyes, which can result to infection.

2. Read the labels.

Make-up can contain toxic heavy metals that can cause damage to your eyes. Read the labels accordingly and avoid purchasing products with arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel, selenium, and thallium.

3. Test products before you use them.

Try out cosmetics first before buying them to know if you have any allergic reaction to them, especially so that you’re going to apply them near an important organ. Apply a bit of make-up at the back of your neck to determine if you’ll develop any irritation from using it.

4. Keep your make-up brushes clean.

Make-up brushes and tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt if they’re not maintained or cleaned on a regular basis. The bacteria build-up in the brush can be easily transferred to your eyelashes, eyelids, tear film, and even the cornea.

5. Don’t sleep with make-up on.

Leaving make-up on while you sleep can lead to bacterial buildup and inflammation of your eyelids. Aside from cleaning your face and stripping it off of any traces of make-up, you also need to use the right cleaning product. If you simply wipe eye make-up off you can accidentally lead bacteria and dirt in your eyes, which can result to irritation and infection.

6. Avoid applying make-up on the go.

Applying make-up in a moving vehicle can save you a few minutes especially when you’re rushing, however, it can put your eyes at risk.

When you apply eye make-up while you’re on the move, you can cause damage to your eyes and corneal abrasions if you’re not careful. So save your makeup application for the comfort room or in you vanity table, and do your eyes a favor. Besides, a good look will not compensate for damaged eyes.

7. Be careful when using false eyelashes.

False eyelashes can add drama to your eyes that your mascara may not. However, wearing them can be harmful to your eyes. First off, the use of adhesive can be dangerous if it gets in contact with the tear film or the surface of the eye. More so, they can be a pathway for air and particles to go directly to the eye, which can result to dryness and dirt build-up.

8. Avoid sharing your eye make-up with others.

When it comes to eye make-up, sharing is not caring. Just like with toothbrush, you should never share your eye make-up with anyone else, because it can promote the transfer of bacteria and spread infection. So as much as you would want to share how volumizing your mascara is, hold back the urge to let other people try it out if you want to protect your eyes from possible infection.


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