7 Tips to Keep your Peepers Safe this Summer

Keeping your peepers safe this summer is easier said than done. For your precious eyes, summer is an obstacle course. What with the sun searing those delicate tissues, pool chemicals or flying grit from yard work or off-road adventures, it takes careful planning and thought to keep those peepers safe and sound. Here are seven tips for safe eyes this summer.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun with a Visor
Each summer, folks end up in emergency rooms with corneas that have been overexposed to the sun. At least a visor cap if you plan to watch a summer concert outdoors all day. At the beach, wear a combination of sunglasses and a hat.

Select Sunglasses Carefully
The different rays of the sun are shot out at varied lengths. The UV rays cause the most damage. Find sunglasses that protect your peepers from both UVA and UVB rays, if at all possible. If you find those that wrap around your head or are close to the face, this would be much better. The coating of UV blocking is the same on any tint of the lenses. Due to blocking glare, lenses that are polarized might be more comfortable for outdoor workers. Keep in mind that cataracts are the result of too much UV rays of the sun.

Exercises for the Eyes
Ever heard of eye exercises? These help in improving the muscles of the eyes and also reduce tiredness. Each day, giving your eyes a little exercise helps reduce the risks of contracting infections and diseases and also improves eyesight.

Slices of Cucumber
Applying slices of cold cucumber to your eyes five minutes before sleeping will help keep the puff out of your eyes. The cooling sensation of cucumber will help in removing under-eye tans and absorb the liquid causing the puff.

Wearing Goggles
To cool off this summer, more and more folks turn to swimming. As a matter of fact, this is probably the most preferred ways of cooling off this summer. On the other hand, it can be harmful for your eyes to be exposed to chlorine continuously. Wear goggles for swimming and avoid touching your eyes too much with chlorinated hands when swimming.

A Splash of Cold Water
Throughout summer days, your eyes get stressed due to sun exposure and heat. Keep those peepers safe by periodically drinking and splashing cold water on them. Doing this will keep your eyes from becoming puffy or dry.

Don’t Look at the Sun
No matter how alluring and wonderfully bright the sun is during summer, make sure that both you and the kids do not look directly at it. Even when there are clouds covering the sun, don’t be fooled- the sun’s rays can still pass through thin clouds and hazy veneers. Even when there happens to be an eclipse, looking directly at it can result in a condition that damages the retina of the eyes from solar radiation, called solar retinopathy.


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