7 Little Known Exercises for Good Eyesight

Most of us are not born with eyesight related problems. We usually had perfect eyesight till we learned bad habits that deteriorated our perfect eyesight. But we can undo the damage done by doing these simple exercises that can help improve eyesight naturally

Most of these methods came from Dr. Bates who studied that certain eye methods can improve the eyesight, together with eye affirmations and visualization.

Here are some of them:


Close your eyes and sit and relax your face. Look up and let the sunshine go to your eyes and let the stress go in your eyelids. Avoid straining the eyes by rotating the head slightly from left to right. This can help improve eyesight especially if you are oversensitive to light.


You sit down in a comfortable chair with your elbows and then you close your eyes and put your palms over them. Just lightly cover your eyes with your palms and just see the blackness. Breathe deeply and stay in this position for about 3-4 minutes.

You can also imagine a relaxing place like the beach, mountain top, or a river. Think of a place where you can just see and relax and enjoy the environment. This relaxing activity can reduce eye tension which is good for your eyesight.


Doing regular blinking helps in lubricating the eye and it also cleanses and relaxes the entire eye muscle.


Stand up and see straight ahead. Move your body to the left and pivot your entire head, arms and torso while you raise your right heel from the floor. Then rotate to the right and lift the left heel as well putting the weight on your right foot.

This should be done in a relaxed way and your eyes don’t need to focus on anything. Repeat this exercise twice a day and it can reduce stress and tiredness and also improves eyesight by giving the eyes more flexibility.

Eye Rolling

Relax your eyes and look to the horizon as far as you can. Look up and then look down. Repeat around 5 times. Now look to the left, to the farthest that you can see and then look to the right. Look at the wall if you are drawing a circle with your eyes. Start from clockwise for about 5 times then do another round counterclockwise.

Central Focusing

Get a pencil and hold it across your arm. Make sure the pencil’s end is at the same eye level. Concentrate your eyesight on the tip of the pencil and then move it towards your eyes. Move it till it gets 7 inches from your face and then focus your sight on the background.

Move back the pencil and focus again on the tip of it. Remember to breathe while focusing your sight. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.


Massage areas like the eyebrows, side of the eyes, temples and the space between your eyebrows.

So now you know these great exercises that are helpful for your eyesight. Why not try them for at least a few minutes a day and you should see improvement in your sight anytime soon?


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