7 Drinks that Quench Eye Health Thirst

You already know that eating carrots provide great benefits for healthy vision. But what if you never grew out of your dislike of carrots and all things under the fruit and veggie category? The solution: If you can’t eat them, you can always blend them together and enjoy it as a drink. Smoothies are an excellent way to mask strong earthy flavors, especially when combined with a bit of milk and honey.

Today, we are discussing seven delicious, nutritious, and thirst-quenching drinks that are high in crucial vitamins and minerals responsible for vision health:

  1. Orange Juice orange juice

If you prefer a drink that is conveniently available in grocery stores and does not require a blender — orange juice may be the eye-boosting drink for you. Oranges are one of the major sources of vitamin C, which decreases the risk of cataract formation and keeps the ocular blood vessels strong and stable. Orange juice also contains folate, an essential B-vitamin for fetal vision development.

  1. Broccoli, Spinach, and Kale Juice

Greens may be the least favorite food of many, but green leafy vegetables are an abundant source of antioxidants and are important in supporting visual wellness. This combination contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which according to the American Optometric Association, “filters harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light and help protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes.”

  1. Banana, Nut, and Soursop Juice

Bananas, in general, are a popular addition to smoothies because of their naturally sweet taste. Bananas also have alpha and beta-carotene, both of which the body converts to vitamin A. Nuts and soursops are a great inclusion to the vision-boosting drink since they are rich in trace minerals that assist the protective properties of vision wellness.

  1.  Carrot, Beet, and Apple Juice

The vitamin A content of carrots are responsible for maintaining your low-light vision and good overall eye health. Beets, on the other hand, contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which support macular and retinal health. Apples, which keep the doctor away, are rich in bioflavonoids known for boosting vision health. Mix them all together and you have a nutrient-packed drink that fights vision decline.

  1. Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Juice

These vibrant orange vegetables are high in vitamin A and C, which you already know are incredibly beneficial to the eyes. As a major plus, pumpkins are also great for supporting heart health because of their rich fiber and potassium content.

  1. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice contains practically all the essential nutrients your eyes need. From vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and other elements. Tomatoes also contain lycopene, a vital antioxidant that fights against age-related macular degeneration.

  1. Coconut Water

If you do not like the plain taste of water, try it with a hint of coconut. Available in nearly all grocery stores, coconut water is one of Mother Nature’s most perfect drinks. It is loaded with almost every type of vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and electrolyte one can imagine for optimal vision. Coconut water also alleviates glaucoma, an ocular condition that eventually damages small blood vessels and the optic nerve.

Maintain Your Healthy Eyes and 20/20 Vision

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