5 Tips to Take Care of Your Child’s Eyes

child watching tv

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In the human body, eyes are delicate organs that need to conscientiously be taken care of. Naturally, the eyes of your children are very important and while there are many factors that have to do with eye care, you can ensure that your child’s eyes are taken care of and be proactive about it. This includes helping to shield your child’s eyes from any wound and helping good eyesight develop as they grow.

From birth upwards, if your kids are able to see with no issues, this indicates that most probably, their eyes are healthy. If health has been maintained until the years they become teenagers, it is likely that they will be able to enjoy healthy eyes for life. To ensure the health of your child’s eyes, here are five tips to care for the eyes of your child.

Avoid Unsafe Toys
When at home, supervise the play time of your kids. In addition, make sure that none of their toys are sharp, such as the kinds with jagged edges. This can include plastic swords or framed toys. These can cause harm to your kids eyes if they move too quickly without caution.

Say No to Rubbing the Eyes
Frequently rubbing eyes can be the cause of infections that are caused by the spread of germs from the hands to the eyelids. This is particularly true in the case of conjunctivitis. Kids with an inflamed conjunctiva should not be allowed to rub their eyes as the effects can become worse. Eye cleanliness need to be a priority at all times. As a parent, discourage kids from touching their eyes. If they insist, make sure they wash their hands first.

Watching TV Properly
No matter how hard they plead, it is a bad idea to allow your children to watch television at close range. As a matter of fact, there needs to be three and a half meters minimum distance in a room with good lighting for safety to be maintained. In addition, watching television in a dimly lit room is a bad idea. Your children’s’ eyes will remain healthy if they watch television at the recommended distance.

Don’t Stare at the Screen
When your child is on the computer or tablet for long time periods, make sure that they blink every few minutes. As a matter of fact, if you can possibly go as far as to alter the computer habits of your child in such a way that they are not online so long, that is probably best. The truth is that eye exhaustion is caused by staring at computer screens too long. To avoid exhaustion of the eyes, the computer needs to be positioned at a lower level than their eyes.

A Good Diet
A good diet consisting of beet root, spinach, carrots and red leafy vegetables goes a long way towards keeping your child’s eyes healthy. The diet of your children need to be composed to yellow fruits such as mangoes, papayas and squash or pumpkin which have huge quantities of carotene. A Vitamin A antecedent, carotene is considered a true health benefit for eyes.


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