3 Tips in Finding the Right Eye Protection for Sports


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Exposure to hazards of sport can lead to illness, injury or even lost days at school, work or at sports. It can also lead to permanent disabilities, higher medicine expenses and even fatalities. This can hurt the reputation and credibility of sports teams and sports organizations in turn. Depending on how rough or hazardous the sports are to your eyes, it is important to find the right sports eye protection. Here are three tips in finding the right eye protection for sports.

Don’t Skip the Goggles

Often, sports such as softball, baseball, street hockey, snowboarding, racquet sports, basketball or soccer can be played with goggles. It is a good idea to wear goggles while playing these particular sports for optimal eye protection. There may be some objections that children may make or even yourself when you see other players not wearing goggles. However, once you understand the actual risks involved and the potential permanence of damage to the eyes, you will most likely not skip the goggles. Finding the perfect fit of goggles that fits comfortably over your eyes will help you play comfortably. Make sure you clean the goggles before and after playing so that the durability of the goggles and clear lenses are preserved for the sake of longevity.


When you are involved in water or ice sports such as water skiing, kite boarding, jet skiing, canoeing or any other type of marine sports as well as ice sports like skiing, finding eyewear with polarized lenses will help protect your eyes. No matter how gorgeous a pair of sunglasses happens to be, you can be sure that polarized lenses are going to help in giving your further protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun. These types of lenses are able to filter out glare as well. This leaves you with the upper hand in terms of being able to see clearly while at the same time ensuring that your eyes are completely protected as you play your favorite sports. Finding lightweight, sports lenses eyewear with polarized lenses goes a long way towards playing your particular favorite sports effectively.


When looking for protective gear for the eyes, opt for polycarbonate materials rather than plastics that are not made of this. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic especially tested for use with sports. Aside from wearing polycarbonate eye protection gear, make sure that your child or you follow all the sports safety rules for the particular sports you are playing. Shields, guards and facemasks made of polycarbonate are also available to attach to helmets and can be worn for athletic sports such as baseball when batting, softball, ice hockey or football.  If you are an athlete that also wears prescription glasses, you will need goggles made with polycarbonate lenses. This is recommended for you rather than wearing regular glasses while playing sports. The truth is that goggles made of polycarbonate will not shatter, break or crack when hit with a ball or a racquet, which is a safer alternative for your eyes in the long run.


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