3 Companies Giving The Gift of Eyesight

Some of us may take eyesight for granted. We may not even understand the impact that sight can have on a community and economy. There are some companies out there giving back by offering one-for-one eyeglasses while teaming up with organizations to help those communities in need.

Improved eyesight can do a number of positive things for a community. It can increase productivity in the work-force as well as open the doors to more learning opportunities. With 285 million people being blind or visually impaired, and 80% of those cases being preventable or curable, these companies are doing what they can to give the gift of sight. So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, sun or prescription, check with these places first and help yourself while helping someone else.

1.) Warby Parker

This company was started in 2009 with two goals in mind. One was to offer stylish prescription eyeglasses at a reasonable price and the other was to give a pair of glasses to a community in need for each pair purchased.

They believe that the countries needing the help value style just as much as any other major city. So, they send glasses that are offered to their customers. Since their opening they have distributed one-million glasses to those in need. Not only do they give vision care, but they also use glasses as a way to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. This way communities have more opportunity to learn and work through problems of poor eyesight.

Warby Parker has teamed up with VisionSpring, a non-profit that trains low-income men and women to become entrepreneurs and give vision screenings.

2.) TOMS Eyewear

TOMS started out 2006 with giving away a pair of shoes for everyone purchased. Then, in 2011 they took it another step further by offering the same giving with eyeglasses.

They teamed up with their sight giving partner, Seva Foundation to give those communities in need the proper attention they need. The care these two companies offer are medical care, prescriptions glasses, or sight saving surgery. With the most common surgery being for cataracts.

“TOMS has helped restore sight to more than 250,000 individuals around the world. One for One.®”

3.) Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear has an interesting niche in the sunglass/prescription eyeglass market. Their glasses are made with sustainable wood such as bamboo and lacewood. Since starting in 2011 they’ve already made some great steps toward the non-profit sector.

Some of these accomplishments include opening two eye-clinics in India which provide cataract surgery to those in need as well as provide tsunami relief in Japan. They have a long list of charitable donations that don’t deal with eyesight but are mentionable nonetheless.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses, be sure to check out these companies’ selections. You may end up helping someone like yourself who can’t afford their own gift of sight.


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