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docworkArizona Retinal Specialists offers what every eye patient wishes to have: the highest quality eye care backed by skills and experience. With the help of our specialized team of physicians, Dr Conway and Dr Peyman provides to their patients the best possible experience when they have an appointment with us. Our doctors know you have a choice in doctors you choose to treat you, and by choosing Arizona Retinal Specialists, you have given us your trust and in return, we try to make sure your experience with us is always positive.

Did you know that both Dr. Conway and Dr. Peyman are world-renowned retinal eyes specialists?

Dr. Mandi Conway and Dr. Gholam Peyman are here to help you get the best patient eye care. Going beyond the defined treatment and management of eye disease, our doctors  make an effort to take into account the body. More than just brilliant physicians that care for the health of your eyes, they are physicians that care about your overall well-being. “We do not just examine and diagnose.” “We listen to what our patients have to say.”

During the last two decades Dr. Conway has given well over 150 oral presentations related to research and a variety of other topics related to ophthalmology. She has spoken internationally in Hong Kong, Venice, Rome, Central America, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. With more than 100 publications, including scientific articles and books, Dr. Conway continues to give back to her profession and is committed to innovation and excellence in providing you with the best eye care available with high quality diagnostic, treatment and surgery options.

Dr. Peyman, a retinal surgeon, invented and holds the patent for LASIK eye surgery which corrects the vision of  Near Sighted patients allowing them to be free from wearing eyeglasses. He has been granted 124 US Patents covering an extensive range of medical devices, intra-ocular drug delivery, surgical techniques, as well as new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Peyman is committed to the advancement of medical science and  because of his proven competence and commitment to his patients will provide you with state-of-the-art treatment for all of your eye problems.

Our specialties include but are not limited to:

Diabetic Retinopathy
Macular Degeneration
Retinal Vascular Disease
Intraocular Inflammation (Uveitis)
Intraocular Tumors
Retinal Tears and Detachment
Retinal Medical and Surgical Care

We look forward to assuring the best care for the health of your eyes.

Dr. Mandi Conway                          Dr. Gholam Peyman